2008 Creative Conferences in Boulder, Colorado

Regular tuition: $380

Travel Writing & Photography: Sept. 12-14

Student tuitions of $300 are also available, with a valid ID, for all conferences.

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Essay Contest Winner!
Beth Andersen wins the Writer's Workshop Essay Contest and a pair of Zeal sunglasses. Read her winning entry.

Kelsey Crider, the recipient of a Conference Scholarship, has had a successful kidney transplant.

Read Kelsey's story
Read about Kelsey's transplant

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Many Thanks to our
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Some of our 2007 attendees had this to say about their Conference experience*:

Speed Dating Session

We received this wonderful follow-up letter from Kathie:

I attended the 2007 Magazine Writer's Conference, and met with Janet Lee from Shape magazine for one of my "editor speed dates." I told her about an article idea I had, and she suggested I refine it and pitch an FOB article on the topic. I sent a pitch to her in October, and today, I received an e-mail from another Shape editor. Janet passed the pitch along to her, and she wants the article! It's due Monday and will be in the June issue -- I'm psyched!

While I have published some work in VeloNews as well as some local papers and regional magazines, I am quite new to freelancing and this FOB piece on stroller fitness in Shape will definitely be my "biggest" with regard to circulation. While I was already completely sold on the Magazine Writer's Conference, I wanted to be sure to share my good news with you, Michelle, and everyone else there who worked so hard to put the conference together, as it has definitely paid off for me! I was quite impressed with the warm and generous spirit of all of the organizers and presenters, and certainly would not have sold this particular story had I not attended.

I am the person who introduced myself as a college professor on a leave of absence who is trying to make it as a freelancer. While I've begun to sell some stories, and am making new contacts each week it seems, I am likely going to return to my position at Fresno State, as I've realized I am unlikely to have the level of financial security I need doing freelancing alone at this time. However, I am optimistic and confident that I will continue to pitch stories and make even more contacts, and when I retire from teaching, I'll be able to freelance as a second career, using that income as a supplement to my retirement. In the CSU system, we are able to retire at 50, so this is only 8 years away, and sounds great! And, again, I feel the conference really has helped me along that path. I look forward to attending more when I can. Thank you! Best ~ Kathie

The advice was incredibly informative and gave me the tools needed to pursue my love for writing. After attending this conference I feel more confident diving into the writing world. -Kristin

All the nitty-gritty I never learned in my creative writing program. -Anonymous

Thank you for creating an atmosphere of learning, networking and for bringing together a body of professionals who helped me validate my belief in myself. I plan to continue to write. With the tools and informaiton you provided me, I can navigate more effectively through an industry where you make your living. -Phil

Inspirational and brimming with handy tidbits and informed, eloquent speakers. -AnonymousSpeed Dating

Thank you for investing the time and energy it took to bring together the Magazine Conference and creating such powerful opportunities for beginning writers…The weekend ran like a well-oiled cocktail party. -Lydia

Years ago when I first considered pursuing a freelance writing career, I typically only received negative messages from industry people. Here, I received positive, productive encouragement to pursue this career—and tools that will help me succeed! -Kathie

What was best about this conference was the small, informal setting. I felt like I got to learn the editors’ individual needs, preferences for queries and personalities. Speakers were helpful and accessible. This sets it above—far above—other similar workshops I’ve attended. -Donna

Changing my major to journalism after this weekend! -Anonymous

Very humble, intelligent, and strong speakers. I appreciated the love of writing that was shared. I was encouraged to challenge myself, follow my heart, and write, write, write. -Michele

What a wonderful panel of editors. They shared their knowledge and experience, illuminating the path to successful, fulfilling freelance writing. -Renee

It was great to go to a writer’s conference that focuses entirely on magazine writing and all of the editors that were here were fantastic!! -Michelle

Women’s Adventure. They really have a knack for this. I’ve been to conferences but never one packed with so much meaningful insight, networking opportunities, and super smoothly put together. So good, someday I might be a presenter. -Riley

Michelle TheallI’m just getting started, but have a better insight into how to go about it and where to go for help. Having direct access to the editors was phenomenal. -Kristi

The panelists were candid, insightful, and sympathetic to the plight of a freelancer. -Anonymous

This was a great way to quickly get multiple inside perspectives on how to break into the industry. -Karen

Fantastically informative. -Barbara

I felt like an insider for once in the world of publishing! -Anonymous

The conference far exceeded my expectations and gave me the tools and inspiration to tackle the adventure of magazine writing. -Joy

Great opportunity to meet editors and get to know what they want and how they want it! -Ingrid

Best conference to jump-start my writing career. -Anonymous

This conference brought together all of the elements of magazine writing that has been piece meal for me to this point. As a beginning writer, I now have the clarity and confidence to move forward to the next level of continued writing and submitting. Thanks for the gift of sharing everyone’s knowledge and expertise. -Mary Anne

Every seminar was valuable. -Cecilia Speed Dating

The networking was priceless. Learning what exactly the editors are looking for was invaluable. -Anonymous

An incredibly useful resource for aspiring writers—the weekend was full of information! -Anonymous

This conference has a wonderful, collaborative atmosphere. -Anonymous

*Attendees were asked to rate the overall conference as poor, fair, good, great, or excellent. 90% rated the conference great to excellent and it received no poor or fair ratings from any attendee. Over 95% of those in attendance took the time to fill out their surveys.

Press on the Magazine Conference

"So you want your name in a magazine?" by Kimberley Nicolleti, Summit Daily News Summit County, CO, October 19, 2007