2008 Creative Conferences in Boulder, Colorado

Regular tuition: $380

Travel Writing & Photography: Sept. 12-14

Student tuitions of $300 are also available, with a valid ID, for all conferences.

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Conference News

Essay Contest Winner!
Beth Andersen wins the Writer's Workshop Essay Contest and a pair of Zeal sunglasses. Read her winning entry.

Kelsey Crider, the recipient of a Conference Scholarship, has had a successful kidney transplant.

Read Kelsey's story
Read about Kelsey's transplant

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Some of our attendees had this to say about their Conference experience*:

Comments from our 2008 Travel Writing and Photography Conference, September 12-14:

"To my new friends from the writer's conference last week, here is a link to a piece I wrote about meeting Chris Keyes of Outside magazine last weekend on my blog. Hope you all gained inspiration from the conference. Stay in touch, all the best, John


John J.


Comments from our 2008 Photography Conference, April 11-13:Amber Terranova the Associate Photo Editor from Outside Magazine and a conference attendee

"One of the best professional and personal investments I've made in a long time."

"I just can't believe the big names that were in attendance!"

"I'm very pleased to have discovered this conference. It has given me a remarkable perspective on professional photography in an incredibly short amount of time."

"Well worth the price of admission."

"Exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Great exposure to and advice from the top professionals in the field in a warm, friendly, and encouraging environment."

"You did an excellent job of setting up an informative and entertaining conference. The speakers were great!"

"The networking I have made with such wonderful people will have a ripple effect on my future."

"Everything was presented in such a cool and relaxed way."

"Great intimate feel with a vast amount of useful info." "Your chance to focus on your work, finally create a portfolio, and sell!"

"Learning how different the requirements were for each magazine was a tremendous piece of knowledge."

"Please thank your speakers. For them to take the time to mentor us all was a fantastic sharing of their talents!"

"You will never know for yourself that this conference is where you need to be until you get here and experience it for yourself. Come and be taught by some of the industry's best."

"This is the second Creative Conference I have attended (put on by this organization), and I would highly recommend it to any photographer who is interested in taking their craft to a higher level."

"This seminar exceeded anything I could imagine!"

Julia Vandenoever

"Worthwhile for enthusiast to professional! Full of practical tips, great insights, and inspiring stories!"

"So worth it! Thanks!"

"It's a great kick in the pants to shoot more, develop yourself, and stop being afraid of photo editors."

"As a testimony to the quality of your speakers...Sadie (keynote from National Geographic) was EXCELLENT, but your other speakers were equal or even better."

"The strength of this conference was the accessibility of the presenters. Wonderful conference!"

"Very informative and FUN!"

"It's wonderful to be with people who share the same passion!"

"Great to have the one-on-one time to meet with such amazing people."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Quotes about .......

Corey RichCorey Rich - professional adventure photographer / Aurora Photo

"Superb! Funny and down to earth!"

"Inspired me to gain my own experiences to document my own adventures."

"Entertaining. Very fun, talented."




Sadie QuarrierSadie Quarrier - Keynote Speaker / National Geographic senior photo editor

"Outstanding photo presentation. Would love to see more!"

"AMAZING! A picture really is worth a thousand words."

"Perfect ending to the day."

"Wow, what a pleasure! The images were amazing, but Sadie walking us through them was so helpful. Also, it was very eye-opening that someone in her position was so approachable."

Andrea Booher - FEMA photographer

"Wow! Tears. Inspiration. Appreciation. Amazing!!"

"This presentation touches your heart, reminds you of where you were during a particular event. You can see your own life in the images. That is talent. Thank you!"

"Very moving and inspirational!"


Michelle TheallMichelle Theall - Conference Organizer / Speaker - Women's Adventure Magazine

"Thank you so much for sharing your passion, your career, your life and for gathering all these amazing people together."

"Her interludes and commentaries were insightful and inspirational. She was genuine in her delivery as an expert, a coach, and a business woman."

"The editors all say 'show us you get us.' As an attendee, I can say that the conference team definitely 'got us' in putting together a top event."

*Attendees were asked to rate the overall conference as poor, fair, good, great, or excellent. 98% rated the conference great to excellent. 98% said they would definitely attend a conference like this one again.

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