2008 Creative Conferences in Boulder, Colorado

Regular tuition: $380

Travel Writing & Photography: Sept. 12-14

Student tuitions of $300 are also available, with a valid ID, for all conferences.

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Conference News

Essay Contest Winner!
Beth Andersen wins the Writer's Workshop Essay Contest and a pair of Zeal sunglasses. Read her winning entry.

Kelsey Crider, the recipient of a Conference Scholarship, has had a successful kidney transplant.

Read Kelsey's story
Read about Kelsey's transplant

I appreciated the love of writing that was shared. I was encouraged to challenge myself, follow my heart, and write, write, write.
~ Michelle

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About the Conferences

The Magazine Conference was started in 2007 by Women's Adventure Magazine, bringing aspiring writers and photographers the opportunity to hear from award-winning experts and pitch their work to magazine editors from some of the country's top publications. In 2008, the offerings have grown to four conferences all taking place at the foothills of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado. For 2009, we hope to offer conferences in other locations around the country. Want to stay informed about where the conferences will come next? Sign up for our email newsletters.

You can contact our office by email at: lynne@magazineconference.com or by phone at 303.442.0578.

Conference Staff: Michelle Theall, Lynne Boyle, Karina Evertsen, Joanna Laubscher, Krisan Christensen, Susan Hayse


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we have received concerning our conferences. If you still have a question not answered below, please email lynne@magazineconference.com

Are the conferences for women only? Do men attend?

Yes, the conferences are for men and women, both attend!

How come I haven’t received any communications after I registered?

Here are the some problems we have encountered in communicating with registrants and how to resolve them:

Many times individual spams have filtered out our communications. Please set your spam filter to accept communication from lynne@magazineconference.com and info@magazineconference.com.

If someone else has registered you for the conference with their email address, that person is receiving our communication. The person paying for the conference, needs to email lynne@magazineconference.com with the name and email of the actual participant. This not only corrects the communication problem, but also helps us with preparing your nametag for the conference and/or trying to reach you prior to the conference.

If you use more than one email address, please remember which email address you supplied us for the communication and check that one.

Does the $250 for Saturday only rate or $300 student rate change after the early bird rate deadlines?

The Saturday only rate and student rate remains the same.

Where will the conferences be held in Boulder?

The 2008 conferences are held at the Boulder Marriott (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/denbo-boulder-marriott/ ). Ask for our conference rate when you reserve a room.

Where can we eat?

Here's a map (pdf) of the area eateries and groceries.

I have registered for the Travel Writing and Photography Conference and I am a photographer and a writer. I am interested in both aspects of the conference and have requested the writing track, but I would like to "speed date" photo editors as well as editors. What can I do?

You select which editors/writers you are interested in meeting during speed dating. Writing editors can pass on photography information to their photography staff, but photographers may not be in the position to pass to editors.

Do you need volunteers for the conferences?

We anticipate adequate staffing for each conference.

I'm a writer and photographer. Can you explain how it might be possible to attend both tracks for the Travel Writing & Photography Conference?

Each track will be scheduled with different speakers and topics. You are welcome to attend a session according to your interest.

Will you please tell me one or two things I should do before I arrive that will help me get the most out of this conference?

Review the work or magazines of the editors, photographers or writers beforehand. You can ask questions after each session and it will help you prepare for your speed dating session.

Bring abstracts of your writing or copies of your shoots for the speed dating for feedback or to pitch.

Talk with the other registrants - they're a wealth of knowledge as well.

Come prepared for the Friday evening to talk with the speakers.

Do you think it is appropriate to show my photography from the computer, or only in print, or a combination of both?

Depending on what media the shoots are being pitched, print is preferred for print media; computer for on-line media. We cannot guarantee electrical outlets being conveniently located during speed dating, please make sure your computer battery is fully charged.

Can you give me your suggestion on how to best present my writing portfolio at the conference? I intend to bring five different style pieces to the conference. Should I bring enough copies to hand out at the speed interviews? Should they be bound? Is a CD version better? Do I need to bring more than five different pieces for this type of interview?

It's great to show your versatility by bringing 5 different types of articles as clips. Bring your 5 best pieces or even just one or two of your best work. Just put your best foot forward whether you show one, two, or five, and if at all possible, match the interest of the faculty/magazine editor/agent with whom you are meeting. More than 5 examples might be overwhelming and just bring enough copies for the speed dating. Paper clipping together is fine or a simple folder with your business card works well.

Can I bring my traveling companion to the Friday evening reception, keynote or a particular session?

Only paid registrants can attend the Friday evening reception or any of the conference sessions.

This will be my first time attending this type of conference and for the speed dating session, what kind of questions should I ask? I am a little nervous, but I want to give it a try anyway.

You'll find the writer, photographers and editors for the speed dating are really nice, supportive people. Come with as many questions as you have and as time allows go through them. You'll probably meet with more than one person, so you can just hit the questions you didn't get to with the first appointment with the next. Sample questions can be for critiques of your work, what do they seek out for publication and what advice they can give you. As you attend the conference, you'll be able to formulate other questions. Bring a variety of samples of your work so you can decide at the conference what you want to present during speed dating. It's okay to be a little anxious for the speed dating; others will be as well.

What should I wear?

The conferences are very casual, so wear what is comfortable for you...jeans, etc. okay.

What is the content of the Magazine Writing Saturday afternoon break out sessions?

During the small group session you will have the chance to get to know your fellow attendees and get quality time with the editor or writer facilitating your class. You may bring some of your writing to share with others in the class or your teacher, but please know that writing exercises and critiques will be a part of the classroom curriculum. We'll provide pen and paper, but if you want to use your laptop (battery full), please feel free to do so.